Monday, October 8, 2007

The Empress

I am working on just getting out the gosh darn door. It is almost ten and instead of being at my studio unpacking and organizing, I am bloggin. Priorities girl, Priorities.
Here is the latest art I've done. It was for the Artist Local 101 here in Bend- local artist's creating a tarot deck. I got dealt The Empress back in May- it was a struggle to understand why I got this card.
I wasn't happy with the outcome completely- but the process was still good- her archetype was one I needed to understand in myself. In retrospect, she was a perfect match. I witnessed a birth, I became a god mother, I decided to completely change my life in order to be more creative.
Creativity, Growth, Nurturing, Maternity (abstractly, not literally), Active change. Patron of Art. Patron of Love. There's a lot more Jungian analysis to it besides that... but you get the idea.

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Sarah said...

i love this- the art, the idea and the inspiration. what a lovely post.