Monday, December 10, 2007

The Opening

Last Friday brought the opening of "Good Things Come in Small Packages" at Bohemia Gallery in Ashland, Oregon. Openings are odd. If you take away the idea that the purpose of a show is to sell things, it takes on a different function. It becomes a mile marker. It becomes an epilogue. It becomes a wave goodbye to kids dropped off at college.
The idea of success is a shifty thing. Was the show successful because I had pieces I felt great about up on a white wall? Was it unsuccessful since I didn't see any little red dots that scream "sold" next to any of my pieces (yet)? Is it successful because I saw several people smile as they stood and stared? Are all these thoughts just a distraction?
So now, it's back to the studio. Time to buckle down, create some more work. Which is the best part anyway.

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