Thursday, January 31, 2008

I was planning on making oatmeal cookies...

The fourth day of snow fall here in Central Oregon makes trekking to the studio a bit of an endeavor. Now, I am not scared of driving in snow. We have the trusty all wheel drive Sube to safely traverse the unplowed roads. I would just rather not spend all the extra time in the car. The normally twenty minute drive turns into about forty-five, which dramatically cuts down on Actual Studio Time. Therefore, today is a Home Day. I was planning on making oatmeal cookies until I realized I am out of both vanilla extract and baking soda. The best laid plans, right?

Instead of being domestic, I plan on spending the rest of the day nose to the sketchbook and posting more artwork on Etsy. These are pieces that were in the Bohemia show, and I have described them here before as well. Hopefully Etsy will be a successful venue for them until I get another show lined up. It also gives me an excuse to browse all the supercool handmade lovely things that other talented artists are creating out there.

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