Thursday, February 21, 2008

Deadline? Aliveline.

This is a cameraphone picture so, please forgive both my thumb and the hazy shade of winter-ness. So I am trying to focus, focus- because suddenly there is only one week and one day left in February. That means a week until this and another piece that is still in progress need to be hanging up in Thump for the Artist Local 101 Showing.

I am typically not a procrastinator. I like having things done weeks in advance. I am not a down to the wire kinda girl. I am much more a get it done so we can go have a margarita kinda girl. That said, I am trying not to be a freak about the upcoming Wednesday deadline... so I don't miss out on my thirty eighth day of yoga, BLT night at our friend Joe's tonight, or quality Kelty time. Sleep, however, may be negotiable.

Oh yeah, and I need to think of titles too. That's the really hard part.

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Sarah said...

sounds like momentum is on the horizon.