Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Good things can sometimes wreak havoc on the routine. Friday Al, Joe, and I ventured to Eugene to listen to Barack Obama address ten thousand eager pairs of ears. Three thousand more listened from the soccer field.
Still Smiling after a full day of speeches, questions, and hecklers.

Mike Bookie (the Source Arts and Culture Editor) and Joe-seph doing their Special Press Thing. Reporters always get the good seats.

It was a first come, first serve admission to the rally, so we were lucky to make it to Eugene by four, as the line already stretched around two blocks on both sides of the Court. The speech started at nine. I finished knitting a hat while waiting in line for five hours. Joe, with his fancy shmancy press pass, did not have to wait in line and got to sit on the ground level. We got better photos, however.
We were very, very glad to be able to witness democracy happening. And since this is not a political blog, that is all I will say about that.
Owl and Me (sporting the knewly knitted peacock blue hat) waiting for Barack to come out.

Saturday morning, we briefly visited our friends Jake, Laura, and son Neko (and their chickens) who had just moved to Eugene, then we ventured back home to rest. Sunday, my sister Erin and her husband Jason arrived for a quick spring break visit on their way to Ashland to see some theater. Al and Jason got some quality micro brew time. We learned a new card game, very fun, very addictive, whose name I shall not mention due to the fact that this is a family friendly blog. They will be back through on Thursday night. For the record- they both can testify to the Airstream's comfortable guest bed. Ha. All in all an enjoyable few days- but my consecutive days of yoga ended at sixty-eight, and I haven't been to the studio in almost a week. Memorables require sacrifice.


Pherenike said...

Hi. Mostly all we hear on the news here is Clinton/Obama. You would think theres only these two. The thought crossed my mind that everyone in the world should be eligible to vote in the US election, I mean the out come impacts us all! Instead I wait. Hopefully the best person (best person for your country and the planet in general)will win.

But this isnt a political blog so i would also like to say - nice hat!

Wish i could be organised, although i am organised in some unconventional way like you. Last night i needed a safety pin. I knew immediately where to find it; under a plastic bag of beads, on the floor by my bed of course!

Anonymous said...

That's so cool you got to see him speak! I still don't know who I want to be the party candidate.. hopefully a democrat will get in the white house. Mark's uncle is vying for a spot as a delegate for Obama for Washington..we'll see if he's able to do so; (he was a delegate for Kerry a few years back)