Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Slow Starts In Summertime

Some people think being a full time artist is about being on permanent summer vacation. On mornings like this one, I understand why they would assume so. It is absolutely gorgeous out today- but through an amazing display of self control, I am working.

Chicken Little is coming along slowly, but surely. I have been avoiding her face, and today I may just tackle it.

I finally got moving on The Owl- a slow one because I am creating the pattern as I go. The only thing I am quite sure of on this one is the pallet, which I borrowed from a monochromatic perfume ad full of pouting golden girls.

A special thank you to Owl for finally completing my beautiful desk so that I could really get to work. He started building it for my twenty sixth birthday. Three years later, it is lovely and the perfect size for the studio. I need to take photos of it to show it off, but that would require some organizing.

Scouring the sketchbook for Ideas.


Anonymous said...

Well if t makes you feel any better I am up early today and will be in my studio all day. Your chicken little has a wonderful expression on her face~cant wait to see how she comes out. And speaking of owls how wonderful that Al made you that table..and even though it's three years later it probably arrived just when you had a space for it. Your studio is awesome~thanks for showing it to Lara and I the other day

Anonymous said...

Did you delete my comment from the day you posted this, or did I just goof when I sent it? Anyway I just wanted to let you know that I was happy to see the studio and the pix of you being your fantastic creative self! OH, also is Sarah telling us something with her "truck & tin can" comments? Love to KAT & OWL--Mom