Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Your Own Personal Cheerleader


Sometimes, you need a personal cheerleader.  Therefore, I have designated my little wooden artists model as such for the week.  I imagine Jean Luka jumping up and down saying silly little cheers about "give me an A, give me an R!"  The enthusiasm is contagious.  

Why does one need a personal cheerleader? Well, considering the realities of the world, sometimes it seems a little naive and obsolete to be doing art all day.  Especially when Owl 's cabinet shop had to let go of half of thier employees, when friends are in danger of  losing their houses, and other friends have babies who are facing health issues.
It gives my anxiety about completing the work for upcoming shows a little perspective, I suppose.   
Is making pictures relevant? The philosophers from my Aesthetics class in college are murmering from the bookshelf.  I am ignoring them, and instead teaching Jean Luka more cheers.                                                         

Let's get fired up
Draw and Cut and Paste
Let's get fired up
 Art is Not a Waste! 

like miss difranco says: we can learn from the trees how to bend how to sway and say- I think I understand

Yep. Thats fun. 
Well, In other news- found another memory card with Old School Pictures on it.  This photo was taken a few weeks before our wedding... how young we look!


Sarah said...

cheerleaders are the best :)

a close second to old school photos. you look like you're going to prom. without dresses and suits.

Anonymous said...

You guys will be forever young

Anonymous said...

Is anything in this life relevant?

Rachel said...

I think I have 6 of those manikins in my garage from teaching, so I am setting up a cheerleading squad.

Missing you right about now.