Thursday, November 27, 2008



granma and autumn

autumn and jenny

craig (looking so military.) 

 uncle owl and poppa 

After a flurry of activity that lead up to a long, long plane ride, Owl and I have spent a week trying to see life as it occurs closer to the ground.  As in under three feet.  We have been relaxing in Connecticut with Owl's fam, our niece and nephew being the main attraction.  

I could list on and on and on the things I am thankful for, they range from HUGE thanks for love and family and friendships- to quieter, more elegant thanks for things like the smell of the Cascades in Early Fall.  

Love, Love, Love
(and now, onto the desert.)

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Anonymous said...

Everybody looks warm and feed. Who is the one in the aporn? Tough Kaycee wa making rolls!
Have a good day and hello to all.
Love Dad