Monday, December 29, 2008

all is quiet(ish) on the western front.


The cold medicine has a firm hold on me right now, so I will not try too hard to describe the last ten blizzardy, whirlwind full days. The things that transpired! Rejoicing over heat and water in the airstream, playing a vegas style white elephant with found/made objects at the PoHo Ho Ho Holiday Potluck, romping with Kelt through days and days of snow (most of which disappeared in the last thirty six hours due to torrential downpours), negotiating a commision and starting to create it, stretching things out at the yoga studio, finishing work for this First Friday at the PoetHouse. And I can't forget Christmas spent relaxing and enjoying a wonderful dinner with friends. Wow.

The commision I am working on is for TBD Advertising, who shares the building with the PoetHouse. They are working on a project for RedVine Licorice- and I am creating an American flag out of (essentially) Red Vine Wrappers. And it's big. The total size is going to be around 25 by 38 inches. Due date- the 5th. So, if it's quiet over here, now you know why.

IF you are in the area, however, Come by the PoetHouse for First Friday this week- all new work from the resident artists! And maybe hot toddies.

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Anonymous said...

It looks great so far--hope to see the completed project (are you allowed to show?)tomorrow. Our computer has been in the "hospital" for a week--it had 2 viruses & lots of spyware hopefully it is all well now.Love & sooo proud of you.sasa