Monday, January 26, 2009

Traveling Exhibits, Crits, and the new place

The PoetHouse resident artist have been a busy crew in the last week. Last Monday (which was the National Day of Service) Cyr, George Michael, Jo and I installed the first exhibit for Jo's brainchild, Project Nexus, at Aspen Ridge, one of Bend's assisted living centers.  The idea behind the project is to bring art to a demographic that doesn't get to participate typically in Bend's art scene.  We took several pieces to Aspen Ridge, trading our work with the Thomas Kincade landscapes on the walls.  Saturday, there was an opening reception for the residents and resident artists, with live music performed by George Michael and talks from the artists.  I was working Saturday, and didn't get to go to the opening- but it was apparently a great success.  Part of the Project includes Living Legacies- a listening project headed up by Jason Parnell.  Similar to NPR's Story Corp Project, Living Legacies is going to record and document some of the rich history stored in the minds of Aspen Ridge Residents, eventually becoming a book sponsered by the PoetHouse.  

Wednsday, the PoetHouse Mentorship Program had it's first critique.  Our Mentees , students from the AP Art class from the local high school, came over to the PoHo and we gave each other feedback on works in progress.  One of the most beneficial aspects of being in this community of artists is bouncing ideas off of each other, and getting perspectives on details about our work that we wouldn't have noticed otherwise.   Seems like the Mentees are benefiting the Mentors.  


 On a personal note, I am settling into my new apartment... this morning it was filled with sunlight bouncing off of last nights snow.  

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Looks good from here. Keep on keeping on!