Friday, July 10, 2009

A Quiet Prayer For His Heart

My friends Dan and Rachel have been married almost eleven years. They have two sweet, lovely children named Lucy and Knox. (I have sadly only gotten to hang out with Lucy and Knox on a couple of occasions, but when I did- I was bowled over by Knox's sweet grin and giddy laugh when Lucy entertained him, and had a wonderful time playing princesses with Lucy.)

This piece is for the Williamson's. I've been working on it for quite a while- five months or so. It is the story of a prayer, a meditation, a focusing of healing energy that was a way for me to surround this family that I care so much about in love from across the country. Blessedly, the heart that needed this prayer has healed.

I finally mailed it to the Williamson's on Tuesday. I hope they will receive it today, so I can share this post. It's hard keeping a surprise a surprise. It especially made me giggle when Rachel saw it in progress in the photo of a birdhouse I was working on and inquired about it... Tee Hee tee Hee... Sneaky Sneaky!


Rachel said...

Kaycee - wow, you have captured this moment in our lives forever. You could not have done or made anything different that would have meant more to me! I have a whole new appreciation for your work up close now as well - this is your thing - Please keep it up! Thank you, thank you - WE LOVE IT!!! Much love and many prayers for the Townsends as well! Dan

kaycee said...


Anonymous said...

Your art tugs at my heartstrings.sasa

Anonymous said...

See you in aboout ten days