Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Recipe for a Summer Evening

One part Bike (borrowed) 
Two part Friends on Bikes
One part Kelty
One glorious River.  

Followed shortly after by:

Two parts Sangria
One serving beans/rice/chorizo with fresh cilantro and avocado
One very skinny hiker freshly home from twenty-one days on the John Muir Trail
One record player with splash of  Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Willy Nelson, etc...
Three chairs on a balcony.

When the stars come out, so do the stories. 

Oh- And I'm kinda obsessed with this today: the Avett Bros-

1 comment:

Al Townsend said...

That sounds like a good recipe, wish I could have been there for it....might have had to adjust the proportions a bit.