Monday, August 31, 2009

And Then...

The end of summer approaches rapidly, and life has been one big blur.
A good blur.

Here is a list of what's happening.
  • Day 22 of a bikram yoga challenge. I am planning on every day until:
  • Army Owl arrives in Central Oregon on the 28th of September.
  • Going to see Band of Horses tomorrow in Eugene with PoHo friends.
  • Sending my Apple to the Doctor. Obviously the axiom doesn't apply here.
  • Finishing art for Person, Tree, House- First Friday's theme, and then-
  • Moving art from the hospital on Thursday to have a solo show hosted by Lone Pine Coffee Roasters, which will be hopping as well on First Friday.
  • Floating Bonnie Rait and Taj Mahal this weekend.
  • Training beginning for the Seattle Half Marathon in November.
  • Photo shoots with Miss Cyr and Jo before Cyr's show September 18th (gonna be stinking amazing).
  • Art for India Rise Up painting party comes around again on the 26th.

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Anonymous said...

Only ten jobs, my goodness there are 30days in September!