Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Person, Tree, House

Drawing by Sarah M.

Sculpture by Sarah M.

Kera T. and Lori L.

Oil on Photograph by Jo L.

Oil on Photo by Jo L.

Staging Cyr's Person Tree House Photo

September's First Friday at the PoetHouse consisted of a themed show by the residents. Back in May, Tom Monson led us through a little exercise used by psychologists to analyze clients. They are given the task to draw three things- a person, a tree, and a house- in a short period of time with a crayon. We did this as a group, and answered questions about our drawings. Then we were given a few months to reinterpret our drawing as a piece of art work.

The results were interesting and reflected each of us. Sarah M. created a soft sculpture. Kera Tucker covered a piece of wood in paint and then etched out her images. Jo Lundberg painted on top of photographs. Cyr staged a shoot out near Tumalo State Park. I collaged of course.

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