Monday, October 12, 2009

can't give up acting tough (it's all that I'm made of)

If you are gonna be friends with the animals, you have to be friends with all of them, not just the cute, cuddly ones; nor just the bad-ass, really cool ones. That was part of what they left out of the Seven Dwarfs: Snow White singing to banana slugs.

Like choosing sides for kickball at recess, one by one the animals picked their saints out of the group of volunteers. The owl, the spider, the bear, the swan, the wolf, the rabbit. She found herself the patron saint of porcupines (one of the more cute, cuddly looking of the rodent family) and it seemed masking herself with their likeness might come in handy.

There were things to consider, however. Would those that approached her, then, need to wear armor or be resigned to the fact that holding her would amount to voluntary voodoo, a loss of blood by a million tiny pin pricks, crochet hooks in thin skin?

It's not like she needed to warn anyone, they could see it upon approach. And it's not like she could take off the dress (maybe she didn't want to).

She thought how different things would be if she had been chosen by the alpaca, or the rainbow trout. Instead of harsh quills, she would be clothed in something soft and lovable, or shimmering with mirroring light. But then, surely she would have been robbed to make sweaters, or worse.

"May as well play the hand, I suppose." she thought as she crunched into a shiny red delicious, choosing to consider her prickly friends as quite bad-ass. It was what she needed.

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