Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fresh Prints

In one of my college classes, I believe Sr. Seminar, we discussed the idea of mass production of art images, and how that effects the realm, world, value, and discipline of art and art making.  Basically, we talked about how Van Gogh  Sunflower umbrellas and Monet Water Lily coffee mugs have depleted the magic of the original paintings.

I want to be able to share my art, however, and because of that prints seem like a decent idea for me right now.  My originals range in price from 500-700 dollars.  A high-quality print on watercolor paper will cost 125.

water colors, not water color paper... but still.

Most images shown on the right are available for purchase, and will arrive to you signed and numbered.  Easy as pie, and better than fruitcake, think about it for your holiday needs- Just leave me a comment on which prints you would like... oh, and I still have listings on etsy... check it.

(this post once again illustrates why I am an art maker and not an art dealer)

As far as originals- I have a few shows coming quickly down the line. More info soon!

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