Wednesday, December 16, 2009

art+ bike Love

The PoetHouse was happening on Friday as the CycloCross Championships rode into town.  I spent Thursday night with my arms elbow deep in christmas tree branches, constructing an old fashioned bike...
I tried to channel Andy Goldsworthy, but I'm pretty certain he would have disapproved of my methods (while I used floral wire, Mr. Goldsworthy uses, well nothing but spit and thorns to make his masterpieces).

from top to bottom, left to right:
Gena Goodman Campbell's installation and view of the gallery.  Sean Anderson- "where we all began" (it glows in the dark).  Gena's " If I just Spread my Wings."  Jo Lundberg's Handlebar Series.  My installation: "it's not easy being green."  My painting "map my ride."
Alicia's installation called "dream cycle"  (made from clear tape!)  another painting of mine, Lori's installation (made from bike parts) and Tom Monson's painting.

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