Saturday, January 2, 2010

Make a Little Art Every Day

Cyr called me after I got out of New Year Yoga yesterday.

"I've decided today is the first day of the rest of our lives, or however Bright Eyes says it.  I'm picking you up."

It had been a few weeks since we had been on an Arting Outing (I'm still looking for a proper name for what we do when we wander around and find things we think are pretty).  The sky was gorgeous East of town, and we felt fine.   Alfalfa lead to Powell Butte to Redmond to the Peterson Rock Garden, and back to Bend.  There was an animal theme to the drive, animals with sweet eyes and curly hair we found amusing and anthropomorphic.  They tolerated two silly girls and the tripod quite well.

While I gathered ideas, Cyr gathered some amazing images.

Day one of the rest of our lives.  Day one of creating/gathering.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the boots, almost as much as Trey's & Jack's green frog ones. Looks & sounds like you two had a GOOD ART SCOUTIN' adventure! Remember all those pix we took of the Rock Garden? sasa

Sarah B. said...

llama new year! ;)
Great pics, great post!!
love you xoxosb

kaycee said...

thanks y'all. Found those boots at goodwill this summer for three dollars. Too big for me, but just right for Cyr.

Anonymous said...

nice pics! I really like the one of the cow peering around the tree! love the color in 'the boots', the llama is cute, and the photorapher obviously loves her work! hugs and kisses! Mrs M