Tuesday, January 12, 2010

we drive east to find art

Jo, Cyr and I went on another art drive today, first stopping by a pedestrian tunnel near Pilot Butte, then heading east on Highway 20.  Jo and Cyr had gathered a gold star-shaped mylar balloon to use as a prop, as well as an old lamp and a vintage suitcase.  I captured quite a few photos that I am going to use as references for collages, the mood both whimsical and lonesome.

I don't know what it is about these drives, we find the oddest things.  Driving through the badlands we came upon a huge pile of cinder that ODOT must use to salt the roads.  The ruddy color against the stormy sky was beautiful, scrambling to the top of the pile was rewarding.   Along the same stretch of BLM land we found an abandoned tiny play house, still filled with toys.   A gift left by superstitious ranchers to some feral child who was being raised by wolves, I imagine.

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