Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Not much to speak of. But some to show.

"go and find the people that you know (nothing happens here that doesn't happen there)" 

March got away from me.  It feels like every time I went to update this little bloggity-blog something else pulled me away. Still- I have a bit to show for it (though the viewfinder in my camera is now a lovely abstract bit of cracked lcd screen).    


From the top: a bit of Cara Thayer and Louie Van Patten's amazing collaborative work that hung at Lone Pine during the month of March.  The progression of a collaborative painting I did with Mr. Tom Monson, which is now in the hallway of TBD Loft.   Detail of one of Jo Lundberg's  pieces from her solo show(Something to Sleep On).  Detail of "if I'm lost it's only for a little while" by Tom Monson, from his solo show(fake it 'til ya feeeeel it)  currently up at the PoetHouse. 

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