Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Forty Nine is Just Fine.


Lists of Art Worked on Today:
Globe Number Two.
Globe Number One.
Message Bottles.

I am quite lucky in that when I am not in the studio, I am close to the studio.  I am also lucky in that I get to see one or more of my cohorts every day.  I am also very lucky because I have artists around to kick me into gear, or to inspire me into working.  This morning, I found myself having a conversation with an artist duo that frequent Lone Pine about the idea of diligence as an artist, and being distracted, and the like.

"I quit treating art like my job. I need to get back to treating it that way," I told the Duo as I pulled a shot of espresso.  I could make a long list of excuses as to why I essentially fired myself as artist-in-residence of my life.   It's time to make a counterlist, however, and to get back on track.

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