Thursday, September 9, 2010

Top Reasons why I have been absent from blogging lately

The following (art related) events transpired since August 8th:

Cause and Effect: a show by Lori LaBissonaire.
The Alley Jam:  a benefit for the Cancer Society and Division Street Skate Park
Co-creating two more large canvas's for Humpday Hash at the new Century Center
First Annual Artists on A Boat wonder cruise (aka the only time I got up to one of the lakes this summer)
Rise Up's Art for India painting Party
Showing my work at Tart for the Under the Cover's Tom Petty Project
PoetHouse Patron Dinner
Planning a large mural for the stage at the Bend Roots Festival

AND coming up:

Saturday:  Jo Lundberg's show titled Four Letter Words (which is gonna be fabulous)
Friday and Sunday- two important yoga events- Bikram Yoga Bend's Summers End Party and Yogis Unite- the biggest outdoor yoga event in Bend History

Tonight I will be prowling, or more like scampering the catwalk at Rise Up's Annual Fashion Show sporting this wonderful creation by the wonderful Miss Sarah Mikolowsky.  Let's just cross our fingers that my walking skills are right on.

making a cappuccino at Lone Pine

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We will jusst have to wait a little. ahould be good.