Monday, December 6, 2010

portraits of bicycles

My wonderful fellow artist Sarah Mik and I were having a conversation about the body of work I am painting for the Art+Bike=Love Crossculture Event for this weekends Cyclocross Nationals that are being held in Bend, and I realized that I am not painting bikes, I am painting relationships, I am painting people.

I am painting an empty tandem bicycle in mourning.
I am painting a tandem bicycle in the hope of future partnerships.
I am painting bikes circling in a beautiful desert landscape as representative of the community that I have so grown to love.
I am painting bikes in an ambiguous landscape (next to a river? next to a seaside? in the clouds, flying?) as a transition into my installation work for the show- bicycles made of feathers... (see last years bike made from tree branches) as a way to fly.
I am painting a bike bright red with a basket full of feathers on the front.
I am painting a portrait of a bike whose body language is eerily like kelty's.
I am painting a map for the bicycles to move forward, to find new terrain.

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Anonymous said...

sure hope we get to see pix of them!sasa