Friday, April 1, 2011

Feathers, Scales, Shells

There is something lucky about stumbling upon an old skin that was shed, finding forgotten feathers, putting your ear up to what used to be an underwater home and hearing the landscape it lived in.  They are beautiful, but have outlasted their usefulness to their owner, perhaps.  They are the residues of time passing and of changes happening.  There is a magic in adorning ourselves with the quality of these animals which is employed by the mythmakers and the storytellers and the artists.    I am employing this magic now, echoing shapes in the paper cuts that form the images, repurposing talismans, asking fairytale characters to tell a slightly different story this time, and hopefully creating a body of work that will intrigue the viewer to tell a few tales themselves.
~kaycee anseth


Anonymous said...

You amaze me! Wish I could have seen a close-up view of all these. Wasn't sure how I liked them, but the more I go back to look, the more I see that I like. How did you ever find a "snake" frame to fit the snakes in jars-which Erin must like b/c one is purple! We couldn't see the titles for any so you'll have to clue us in! Bet some of sold--hope so anyway.Love ya sasa

Anonymous said...

Are the birds nesting in your hair Like all! Where do you find all the neat frames? Far

kaycee said...

Answers to your questions... Gonna parse each piece as the days go by, so keep checking back for more details! and the frames are all ones I built long ago at the frame shop, just re-purposed!