Tuesday, March 13, 2012

When Things Get Really Exciting

The whole month of February was focused and frantic at the same time, due to a little project that will make an appearance at a later date (it has to do with beer).    I can completely understand why I let this blog slide.  YET.  I am Incredibly inspired at the moment, about to embark on another incredible and amazing adventure- AND I now have blogger uploaded to my phancyphone.  Which means the seven hours I am about to spend at the Seattle airport are going to be well spent.  Starting a new sketchbook! Updating this Blog! People Watching!

Besides the large, forementioned project, in January and February I also spent a lot of time singing and playing, with the rural demons, and also the country band. Which now has a name. You can even check out our bandcamp page.

And what have you been working on?

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