Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thoughts and Screenshots

Fine! Fine.  This is what has been taking up my time.  This and another thirty-day challenge at Bikram Yoga Bend. 

I am compiling a book, of words/phrases/thoughts/short stories  and collage, as a way to transition from the work I have done to the work I will do.  If that makes sense.  I've had conversations with my Good Friend Jonathan about the fact that most days I feel more like an illustrator than an artist, which is a somewhat silly distinction to make, I suppose.  In doing this project, this picture book, I will explore a bit more the relationship between words and images, and maybe make a little more sense of what I do.  We shall see.  I like to give myself puzzles, and I like to keep myself distracted, and I like play with thoughts, and I like give my sister Editing Tasks (she's quite the Tim Gunn).  And, furthermore,why can't all these paths cross?

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