Monday, July 2, 2012

Three Zero Zero

Apparently, I have a lot to say.

This is my three hundredth blog post.

portrait of the artist as an old crow

I have scraps of paper all over the place, and post-it notes.  I am always trying to organize them into form, into thought, into sentence, paragraph, completed piece of art.  This blog began as a way for me to try to keep track of that process.  It's wild to think that I have been keeping track for what- almost five years now?

I have so much to say:

about birds
about art
about putting birds in art
about archetypes and totems and myth
about joseph campbell
about life being comical and tricky
about life imitating art

but mostly I just find myself speechless.

Maybe I will try again, with no. 301.


Rachel Lee-Carman said...

I've enjoyed seeing your art develop..

kaycee said...

I've enjoyed seein' yours. <3 number ten by the way. Today's breeze matched the reading of it perfectly.