Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Calendar of Tales

I adore Collaboration, the exchange of ideas, the pop pop pop that happens in my brain when storming with others, how ideas can build into skyscrapers or go on tangents so wild that maps are necessary to get back.

The thing that I really enjoy about Technology, is that it is allowing collaboration to happen in an instant, and all over, and between anyone.

Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors.  A couple weeks ago, over the course of the day, he started asking questions on Twitter  about each month.   The format of Twitter only allows a blurb of a response, allowing for potent, concise answers to questions like "Where would you spend the perfect June?" and "What would you burn in November, if you could?" (I answered, "I'd gladly burn my fingers on my lil travel iron that I use when collaging.")  He got thousands upon thousands of answers, and used twelve of them as little embers of inspiration for twelve short stories.  The next step, was to ask his readers for artwork (including video) for each story, that can then be uploaded and shared on a website (full disclosure, Blackberry is hosting this event, which hey, if you can trick a big tech company into hosting a huge collaborative creative are pretty brilliant).

The added bonus to all this:  listening to Neil Gaiman read stories for an hour.

So, this afternoon- what are you planning on doing?  I shall be listening, and working on collage.  Hopefully, only burning my fingers a little bit.

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