Thursday, April 25, 2013

The New Space

Kelty and I just walked to our new studio.  If I walk the long way, I go by Boneyard and Crux.  If I walk the short way, I reach the Old Ironworks District slightly quicker, and can wave in the window of Sparrow Bakery.  Either way, the walk is pleasant, with a view of the Cascades and plenty of people that I know along the way.

I am pretty much ecstatic about having a studio space out in the community again.  I enjoyed working from home the last two years, and I feel like I got a lot done, but I miss the camaraderie that I felt at the PoetHouse, at Evergreen Studios, and in my good ole college days.  And what a community am I about to be submerged in! The space is technically called Studio 3.  Started by Tambi Lane Photography, it is in the building right next to Cinder Cone Clay Co-Op (where my dear friend Jacob just moved in- I posted about him a while back).  Cinder Cone is right next to The Workhouse, where my friend Alicia of Howl has her sewing studio, as well as my friend Karen Eland has her painting space. The Workhouse is right next to Stuart's of Bend (I wrote an article about Stuart for the Source a few years ago, he's an awesome jewelry maker and one of the masterminds behind the Workhouse).  All these creative spaces, along with the fore mentioned Sparrow Bakery, surround a common patio area complete with fire pits, where I will be singing with the Rural Demons for the district's Last Saturday celebration this month.

More photos will come when I get all moved in, but until then...

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