Thursday, August 29, 2013

No Sign of Slowing

You would think that with fall approaching that things would be slowing a bit, but they aren't.  September is full speed ahead.

Last Saturday happens this weekend at the Old Ironworks.  Isles, a wonderful ambient musical project my friend Eli from PoetHouse days spearheads, will be releasing their CD next door at the photography space, with projectors and reverb and dreamy tunes.

Then there is First Friday, and I will be having art up at the Franklin Crossing building.

Then Neko Case plays in Portland.

Then the rural demons open for the low hum.

Then Neko Case plays in Eugene, with The Head and The Heart.

Then I will be working on the pillars at the Visit Bend Center.

Then it will be Last Saturday again.  Then it will be First Friday Again.

Then, then, then...

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