Thursday, October 10, 2013

Deschutes and Ladders

I am scared of heights sometimes.  And while I enjoy bouldering and climbing rocks, hiking up Bachelor or Horse Butte by moonlight or Misery Ridge on a hot day, I also REALLY have to practice not panicking.  I was born on the Great Plains after all.

spirit animal

Last week, however, I spent a lot of hours hovering above the ground on the tallest ladder I have ever used.  I got pretty comfortable up there.

I was commissioned by Visit Bend to chalk up their two giant cement pillars with art.  They gave me only two parameters, that it be "bend-ish" and that I start at shoulder height so patrons wouldn't get messy when they walked by.  I had so much fun.  I made such a mess.  I was covered in chalk all week.  I got to chime in on my opinion about the best things to do in Bend with only a few days to spend.  Forty hours, four packs of pastels, and eight sides. The drawings are going to stay up for some time, enough time for all you out of towners to book a flight and come Visit.
oh, deer
detail of deer

Do you recognize some of these places?  

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