Monday, December 24, 2007

Time for Joy, Time for Cheer

The Denver Bronchos are on the television, and Al's brother Craig is Santa-fying the house. Delights are wrapped and ready to go. Sugar plums are surely dancing over my neice Autumn's head, and my nephew Connor is watching the Polar Express for the millionth time today. We are about to start putting a train table together for him next to the tree. He is all about trains these days- as I am sure is the case for many other almost-three-year-old boys. I still have more knitting to do, but I am giving the needles a break for a bit.

The unfortunate thing is that Conner was sick yesterday, his mom Jenny was sick today, and now Craig is wondering... It is reminiscent of mine and Al's second Christmas together, with my family in Columbia. I wound up in the ER getting fluids on Christmas morning, everyone but Al got the illness as well, making for the most uncomfortable Christmas Ever. I really hope that my immune system can handle this. Where's the garlic?

Still, it is wonderful to be with family- this is the first time in over ten years that all the Townsend's have been together for Christmas, and that is pretty special, stomach bug or no.

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Mrs M said...

Hay Kaycee! Saw your comment on Sarah B's blog and here I am! Glad you're having such a nice Christmas ... it's really all about famly and relationships, isn't it? I hope we get to see you and Al when you're in Tennessee. Did you know Heather is a knitter? She's totally addicted. Sarah is tired of being pregnant ... can't blame her. We can't wait to meet 'baby Jack'! Merry Christmas! Love, Mrs M