Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's for Chair-ity, hardy har har.

Today in the studio, I will be working on a very specific project. A chair. A local organization called The Sparrow Club will be auctioning off several chairs that have been painted by local artists, as a fund raiser for their organization. My friend Lisa, owner of Mountain Custom Framing in Redmond, got me involved with the auction. The Sparrow Club is fabulous. They work with local schools to organize volunteer work and fundraising to benefit a chronically ill or disabled child that each class "adopts." Many times the child, or Sparrow, is someone associated with the students, so they get to see first hand what their efforts can do.

The chair I will be painting is an ugly oak, public school toss out. This chair has seen it's share, I'm sure. I hope I can be a fairy godmother for this sad chair, and make it elegant and beautiful. I plan on covering it with black and white, in patterns that I have visited in some of my collages. How to make it elegant, but whimsical? And how to make it reflect the heart of The Sparrow Club? The water pattern from Sea Change meets the clouds from Your Luck, perhaps, with the sparrows from Untitled flying about. It will be a challenge to seam these organic, flowing patterns together on something as awkwardly shaped as this chair however. Bippity Boppity Boo.

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