Thursday, January 17, 2008


It is a very strange thing when someone you don't know buys your art work. Especially when it is someone in another town, that you will never speak with (more than likely). I have no idea where these two pieces are hanging now. I have no idea what it was that spoke to the purchaser, if it was a detail, or an idea. Maybe one of them loves blue birds. Maybe the other thought it would look good in the hallway. My hope is that it is more than just a pretty thing on the wall to them. Who knows. It is something I can wonder about, but not something I will ever know. These pieces exist out in the world, completely independent of me, and will continue to exist for years to come. I find that very odd. It makes my head hurt to analyze it too much, to think about how strange the whole process is. I am eternally grateful though- that someone enjoyed something I made enough to trade dollars for it. So, may they enjoy the artwork for years to come and hip hip hooray.

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Anonymous said...

They will enjoy the real thing the longer they look atthem. We close to the artist will miss them. For they are you.