Friday, January 18, 2008

Welcome to My La-Boar-a-Toreee

I am no photographer. I leave that to my lovely and talented husband Owl, my lovely and talented friends Sarah, Rachel, and Tavia, and all the other lovely and talented photographers I know. The thing I can't figure out about photography is being still. I am way to hummingbird-ish, whirling dervish-ish, Tasmanian devil-ish (though Bikram Yoga does help). I can't seem to get all the timing down right. Therefore- please forgive the quality of these images- but I just wanted to show the studio a bit, and the hurricane that is my creative process.

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Anonymous said...

You get that "rush to click" from me! I want to take good "not posed shots"( I just remembered CANDIDS)so badly but hit the button too quickly so I don't miss them and all I get are blurs or goofy looks! Far says your studio looks like your room at home--I think it shows creativity!!!SASA