Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Enough Already.

The Sparrow Chair is finished. I spent four hours at the studio today, obsessing over it while my head became stuffier and stuffier. I think if I didn't have a head cold coming on, I would still be working on it. But like Kenny Rogers says, you gotta learn when to walk away. Owl, my lovely cabinetmaker husband, is finishing it with a coat of shine- so no pictures at the moment.

Now that it took so long to finish the chair I am slightly behind on a couple other projects.
My niece turned One last Saturday, and her hand painted blocks are getting a coat of shine as well, so they will be her One Year, One Week, and One Day present. I really need to improve my track record on getting things finished.
I am participating in a group show in March and April at Thump, one of my favorite coffee nooks here in Bend, and I need to decide (and finish) which piece I will be showing.
Then there is the project for my mom, and boy does my studio space need an organizational day, and I have so many ideas that need fleshing out.

There is more exciting news, but I gotta hold the cards to my chest for a bit longer...

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christine said...

You think you need to get organized?! I have my Valentine cards still sitting here. I never even got Christmas ones out. And the house? It'd be condemned if the proper officials were to view it. Being that I rarely socialize anymore I don't even know where Thump is at. Let me know when your work is showing:)