Monday, February 11, 2008

Little Miss Muffet Got Over It.

Miss Muffet felt a little foolish when she looked back on the day she toppled her stool, running for the hills, after being frightened by such a tiny little thing. Especially after reading Charlotte's Web. Especially after learning to knit. Especially after looking at the myths.

The figure came first in this collage. As I worked on it, again using peacock feathers as the background, all the linear qualities of the feathers and the stitches of the sky started to web together. I realized this was Miss Muffet, and digging in, thought about what she might have truly been scared of. The spider is a symbol of infinity through death and rebirth. Cross culturally it is a symbol of esoteric wisdom and femininity. In Native American Myth, Grandmother Spider brought fire to the world, and also predicts the end of time. As a personal totem, spiders often represent the ability to create one's world in a delicately balanced web, connected to all things. Maybe it was the creative power that was contained in the little creature that was so intimidating to Miss Muffet.

All grown up and sophisticated, this Miss Muffet peacefully lingers in her garden of threads and communicates with the spider, listening.


sarah b. said...

this is so clever and my favorite piece of the group, btw.

Wicked M said...

Very clever. Also wanted to mention that my favorite ee cummings poem is the same as yours. Love the work that is just below this entry. What I would have given to have had this poem in our wedding ceremony!

Tara said...

Very beautiful, I think it's striking. You have so much talent!