Saturday, February 9, 2008

Our Fake Masterpiece

Valentines Day is on the brain, so I wanted to talk about this piece a little bit. This one is very close to my heart, because while a lot of my collages deal with fairytales and nursery rhymes, this one is a bit of nonfiction.
The lamppost: The Immediate ring of light is made of the eyes of peacock feathers. Peacocks are one of those loaded symbols-meaning anything from pride and vanity to resurrection and the incorruptible soul. The next ring is beautiful passionate red, with lines of orange weaving through like threads. The pale yellow ring is made of a map of central Oregon; the final ring, the subway map I picked up in New York City this summer. The dark blue background feels solid and thick, but not in a threatening way.
The couple: back lit by the light, these two appear conjoined. I wonder about their relationship. I think about orbits, planets, gravitational pull. I think about the water cycle. I think about dogs looking like their owners. I think about love's relationship to like. I think about my favorite ee cummings poem.

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