Friday, February 29, 2008

The Feel Good Post of the Week.

It's been a busy week for the artist. Hanging up work at Thump, exploring writing assignments for The Source, walking the dogs, and mingling with other artists and patrons at The Sparrow Club's Chair-ity Kickoff at Mountain Custom Framing. Brightly painted chairs circled the room, and different Redmond businesses chose which chairs they would host. Liberty Bank ended up taking my chair, with an opening bid of Fifty Dollars.

Lisa, my buddy and owner of Mountain Custom Framing, chatting it up (she is the one looking very beautifully preggers in the middle- that's one of her paintings on the wall.)

I got to chat with Jeff Leeland, the Executive Director of the Sparrow Club Organization. I told him how thrilled I was to participate in the auction, and how much I really admired the Sparrow Club. There is a tag line on the inside of one of the pamphlets- "Kids will do heroic things, when they have heroic things to do." I Love That Idea. No, not idea- Truth.

They titled my chair "black and white" for me, but I would like to call it "maybe sparrow," though that wouldn't make much sense to people who didn't see the sparrow pattern on the back, or the single one on the bottom of the seat.

There are several reasons I connect with this organization so much. I was lucky enough to get a lot of volunteer opportunities growing up and know the value of acts of service (acts of service is my primary love language if you know what that is). As someone living with Diabetes, I understand what it means to be a Kid with health issues, and while diabetes is nothing compared to Osteosarcoma or Paralysis or Leukemia, the affirmation and hope these sick kids are getting from the students who "adopt" them is just beautiful. And to top that off, the people running the show understand the value of art (check out the black and white photos of the Sparrows- they are great) which allows art to do heroic things as well.

I loved seeing what other artists did with their chairs. Unfortunately, I didn't plan well- I had my camera but no memory card. I also forgot to write down who created most of these- my apologies, artists! Each chair was so different, and so creative.

One of my faves, this chair replicated Munch's The Scream, and replaced the seat with a scale. So clever! Apparently it weighs light, an added bonus.

I didn't write down who painted this chair, but it reminded me of a stool I painted with a scene from my dad's farm. I thought he would like this one.

This is Lisa's Chair. It reminds me of Mardi Gras. Probably because the spokes look like strings of beads, and the colors (the camera phone doesn't do it justice) are so Vibrant. It's like Carnival. I love it.

This Peacock Inspired Chair was so lovely, Painted by Tracey I don't know Her Last Name.

Allright you All Powerful Adults. Consider this your call to action. If you live in Central Oregon, go bid on one of these functional pieces of art. If you don't live in the vicinity- please go visit the Sparrow Club website, and donate a gazillion dollars. Go on, Right now...


Anonymous said...

You are so right, the stool stand where we can see it every day.

Christine said...

Well you've been a bit busy!! Your chair came out wonderful! So happy it was bid on and thanks for sharing the other chairs. Where are they? Can anyone go in and check them out. Also, you mentioned hanging art at Thump. Let me know when the opening is if there is one and.or how long it'll be up. And you need to tell me about writing for the Source! Your blocks are works of art. I'd find it hard to part with them:)