Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I get Distracted.

The Studio

Teaser Spring is here, with blue blue skies and fifty degrees. I'm having trouble staying put in the studio, but not cause I don't want to be there. I drove out today with the intention of spending a good four to five hours there, but as soon as I walked in the door at Evergreen my insulin pump realized it needed to be changed and started beeping at me. Which means Kelty and I drove back home after taking a few photos. Which is fine, because I have pen and ink at home to keep fleshing out ideas, and I also need to think a little bit about where these three pieces are headed.

the cypress sketch is leading to a full blown collage. This is the top half. I've spent hours already on the sky, developing my scissor techniques on the curly q clouds.

I think this is the one that I am must puzzled about.

I cut out every rock, every blade of grass.

Thinking I will let these incubate a while, and go for a bike ride. Winter will be back again before too long. (what was that I said last week about procrastination? I guess it is only procrastinating if you have a due date...)

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Sarah said...

these pieces are so amazing. you are so creative (duh)... it is inspiring.