Friday, March 14, 2008

Upcoming Events:

April 4th- First Friday Art Walk, Bend
Opening with Artists Local 101 @ Thump Coffee

April 25th- Art, Walk, Explore
Opening at Evergreen Studio In Redmond
(new work! oh boy!)

Pretty soon I will need tweezers to hold on to the paper (I need a sign for how many days without a paper cut).

This morning, Lisa brought coffee and her yellow lab Remy to the studio to do some work before she had to go to the shop. We talked about the artistic process, and about the idea of fearlessness. My favorite undergrad professor, Mimi Kim, had a reputation for asking you what you liked about whatever you were working on, and then making you completely change whatever it was you pointed out to her. That concept struck fear in the hearts of many a student, but I think that is the only way to really figure things out. Figure out what works and what works better.

My process has taken on a puzzle like quality, fitting since I spent many a snow day working thousand piece puzzles with my sister and parents.

Another professor I had, who was not my favorite, once suggested to me that I need to learn to make a really ugly painting. He thought creating a truly ugly piece of art was the most challenging undertaking possible. I didn't try it when he suggested it, but I did a few years ago, and I couldn't do it. I turned it pretty. (of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yada yada yada) I would really love to coordinate a show based on this idea, though. And I don't mean tacky art like the painting on velvet of Richard Petty that was auctioned at the Band of Horses concert I attended in NYC this summer. I would like to gather five or six artists and see how they would interpret it.

And then, after the show, we could paint over them.

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