Tuesday, March 18, 2008

my space

Well, Folks- there she is. I have recently become a freelance writer. On a whim, I wrote a two hundred word review of a record by Vampire Weekend and sent it in to Bend's Local Alt Weekly. The arts and culture editor liked it enough to print it, liked it enough to enlist me to write other stories, liked it enough to have the great idea of me writing a story about living in the airstream (al and I had met Mike at a concert in November, and he remembered me and the fact that we lived in what Al calls a silver twinkie).

I wrote the story, with some editing help from Al, and thought, that was cool... Suddenly, it became the cover story. (Unfortunately, The Source doesn't publish it's main course online- but I have several copies left for prosperity. If it weren't on newsprint and so apt to fade, I would do a collage. The aforementioned review is also not online for some odd reason, though I swear on a stack of Okkervil River Cd's that I am telling the truth. ) Kelty even has a cameo in one of the photographs depicting how funky and cool the inside is. The photographer and artist director, Elise, took several shots and Kelty posed for most of them. It was, for a self proclaimed hermit, an interesting and edge pushing experience. And to walk by newsstands and see my house- kinda trippy.

This one little review has lead to a 600 word cover story, a six hundred word story on Hooping that comes out this week, future CD reviews, and my collages being used as cover art this spring. Things are looking interesting for our little artist. Or, our little freelancer. No, artist.

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