Monday, March 17, 2008

Steady as She goes

As per a conversation with my BFF Sarah this morning- I am posting again in order to keep her mildly entertained. That's what friends are for, right?

In all seriousness- I have a little over a month to prepare for the Evergreen Show, and while I have a rather large inventory of work at the moment (blank walls anyone?) I want to have some new work ready for the show. I have four pieces that are starting to feel on thier way, and have started a few more.

I logged a good four hours of constant work at the studio today, and plan on sketching most of the afternoon.
There, Sarah, Two down- one to go...
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Anonymous said...

Looks great Kaycee.Let us know when thats going to be. I just saw that your other show is opening on First Friday. Mark's dad will be in town but I think it'll be a great idea to go down and check it out. I'll be there anyhow!
Saw your great article( and front page too!) in the source! I Your home looks very spacious and way cleaner then my house will ever be. Congrats(on the article and clean home:P )

Sarah said...

so when will we see a post about dubududesigns' said article?????
that should have been #3!!!!!!!