Monday, April 7, 2008


Suddenly, it is April. Last week tumbled by me quickly, and now it's not only April, but it is April Seventh. Each day has brought news, plans, changes. Last Thursday, I found out that the group show that I am getting ready for at Evergreen (which opens the 25th) is not so much a group show as it is the Kaycee and Lisa show. I don't know what happened to the rest of the group, but now that Lisa and I will have the gallery all to ourselves, the wall space is looking bigger and bigger. So how do I deal with that daunting news? Hit the trails for an afternoon hike. Kelty and I did an eight mile jaunt through the Alder Springs Canyon, considering it was springlike and I needed some fresh air.

At the confluence of the Deschutes and Alder Creek

Friday night, we went to Thump for the Bend Art Hop, where we got to chat with Christine (my DuBuhDu friend) and her family- Mark and Andres. Owl and I also discovered a new art space in Bend (right next door to Thump) called Poet House Art. Sarah, one of the administrators, gave me a brief Low Down of the space and it's concept- they want to build a community service based art space. The space is upstairs in one of Bend's older buildings, and it has a funky urban vibe, with wood walls, big windows and canvas panels dividing the studios. I can't wait to learn more about this group.
After the art hop, we went to the cabin for some lamb and wine with Joe. I logged it as studio hours and not relaxing time, however, since I spent most of the evening flipping pages and cutting out shapes, while the boys talked sports.

the view from Joe's Cabin

The rest of the weekend was spent in the studio: listening to NPR concert's of Neko Case, Nickel Creek, and Bon Iver, cutting and pasting and cutting some more, playing ball with kelt when needing a stretch, thinking- "I have less then three weeks to pull this together. Brilliant."

Dexter and Kelty Have the Right Idea

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dubuhdudesigns said...

Great show, Kaycee1 And a nice atmosphere to boot. Look forward to your next show and seeing more:)