Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Woman, You've Got Too Many Brambles

Humpty Dumpty had a long lost love. She sat up on his wall, waiting for him, unaware of his tragic accident. She sat so long that thorn bushes and vines grew up around the wall, making it difficult to get down from her perch. She didn't mind so much, though, she had her parasol to protect her from the rain or the uv rays. The view was beautiful. After a while, she forgot about Humpty. Such is Life, he wasn't that cute anyway.

The title of this piece comes from one of my all time favorite songs by the Wonderful Tori Amos. Normally, I don't use lyrics to title my work, but I kinda had to with this one, though the story and the song and the piece form a constellation and not a straight line. Oddly Enough, Tori also has a song about Humpty Dumpty, but it is a much different and diabolical kinda song.

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