Sunday, April 20, 2008

Titles, Particulars, and Finishing Touches

Bringing the Art Tornado to an airstream near you.

Ahh, The Homestretch.
So, the last few days have been nonstop art (minus a few Yoga Breaks). Friday, I worked from home finishing up the sixth piece. I have two more that are in progress, but I won't rush them. If they get finished, well Gravy.
Saturday, I watched the shop for Lisa while she got baby showered, using the time to cut mats and finish up details. I could go over and over each piece with a fine tooth comb, obsessing slightly with minute details that only I will see, tinkering with edges of lines, tiny shifts of color.

waiting for glass, white gloves, and a white wall

Now for the final tasks... coming up with titles and prices. We plan on hanging the show on Wednesday Evening- but the placards and my artist statement are going to be typed up tomorrow. I have been tossing around the idea of pricing the work as 'two weeks worth of organic groceries' or 'one bike rack for my Subaru' (both Owl and my good friend Chris suggested two cases of Deschutes Brew- but we know who would really be getting paid with that, now don't we). I like the idea of a barter system. I tried to log the amount of hours that went into each piece, so maybe I should present it that way- I think I put at least thirty hours into each one. How much is an hour of art making worth?


Anonymous said...

Hey Sweet Pea,
Maybe I'm not an art critic, but I think they're great. Hope you don't undervalue your work! Love MOM

Sarah said...

LOVE the picture of you in the stream. Love your art. Love you.

dubuhdudesigns said...

Wow..I really like you planted a cedar tree..very intense. Have a great time at the opening..we'll be in Portland but hope to catch the show soon!!