Monday, April 14, 2008

And Another

Another collage is almost complete for the show at Evergreen. I started this piece in September in the car on the way to Eugene with Owl and Joe to see the first of two amazing Okkervil River shows (best shows I have seen by any band, hands down; ever dorky me asked lead man Will Sheff for a hug after they came off stage, he complied but I think I scared him... anyway that has nothing to do with this, really). I decided not to title the book, so the viewer could decide the reading material, but the gold glow of the cover implies its worth. I did use pages from a New Yorker article discussing black holes to create the pages of the book- which was quite intentional-though I cut the pieces so the words were obscured.

I like my job. It's fun.

Kelt heads for cover as the desk gets more and more covered in scrap.

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