Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kelty is an Artist, Too.

Kelty sports her new summer do, while I clean the studio.

I have been doing a lot of spring cleaning in the last few days. The studio doesn't look like it, however, because I started creating again.
The Airstream, however, is getting a face lift- we have started it's renovation, and so I have been organizing and shuffling and recycling and goodwilling. It's a process. During said shuffling, I came across a memory card. Popped it in the camera and look at what I found! Pictures from Kelty's early days as a budding artist.

Back when she was less then a year old, Owl and I lived in a makeshift apartment- the remodeled attic of a house in the Boro that was built in the thirties. It was quirky, but I loved the sloping eaves and keyhole window in our bedroom. My studio was in one of the spare rooms, and I thought I had puppy proofed it quite well. Kelty is a determined dog, however, and one sunny morning I awoke to her jumping on my head. This was her usual way of starting the day, so I ignored her at first. The jumping grew more persistent, and she used her cute little yowling, sing song voice- saying "get up! I have something exciting to show you!" As I opened my eyes, I saw yellow. Everywhere. On my fluffy white comforter, on the floor. Kelt grinned at me, a sheepish version of Big Bird, her face neon yellow, and her front legs covered up to her knees in (Oh. My. Goodness) Oil Paint.. After I called the vet to make sure the oil paint wouldn't kill her (thank goodness it wasn't a tube of flake white) Owl and I tried our best to clean her up. She was yellow for weeks.

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