Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Ridiculously Unbelievable Last Four Days.

Frida on the Way to the Poet House Grand Opening

If we had Walls we would by this airstream painting. I don't know who the artist is but I love it.

Unibrow and Pet Monkey.

Lions and Cows and Art, Oh My.

Wizard Whisper Participates.

The View Outside the Gates at the Gorge Amphitheater, Washington

Owl and Joe, Tailgating, Before We Go Into Sasquatch.

This weekend consisted of- an art show costume party, helping to breakup a bar fight in Hood River between a Brother Sewing Machine Salesman and a very tall Local, pulling up to sasquatch right when the Okkervil Boys were checking in- which set the theme for the day, overusing the privilege of our press passes in order to get back stage at Sasquatch to chat with the members of Okkervil River and Destroyer, being stopped by a strange Shaman type person on the way to see The National who apparently combed out my aura (owl gave him a dollar), somehow staying dry during the rain storm that caused Michael Stipe to take his shoes off and roll up the pants of his pinstripe suit while REM played, seeing the National and Modest Mouse play both in Washington and then again in Bend (both times for free), and finally coming back to rest in Bend in time to catch the new Indy movie.

Curious, George is kinda tired.


Rachel said...

Now, see, if you lived here, you could visit as Aunt Kaycee OR Frida Kahlo! It could be a bribe ("Be good and Auntie Frida will visit and help you paint" or a threat "if you do that one more time I am calling Auntie Frida and let her tell you what happens when you don't sit still on the bus!"

Also, Is it weird that I saw REM in a rainstorm, too? We miss you.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Love the Frida costume and wig! You look good as a brunette:) Looks like you all had a good week .

lizard said...

we saw the national down here in the spring. great show.

love the frida costume, though i would have liked more unibrow.