Wednesday, May 14, 2008

PoetHOUSE art

Yesterday, I became a member of PoetHOUSE Art. It is a non profit that is just getting going here in Bend. They have a gallery/community/studio space located downtown in one of Bend's cool brick buildings. The space is funky and open, and very friendly. I am stoked to be a part of this because of the groups vision statement- and I'm gonna quote them:

A poet is someone who collects thoughts and ideas; they collect feelings and experiences, and then express themselves in such a way that brings about a change in the hearts and minds of those who discover the poem. PoetHOUSE Art seeks to be like a poet, in the thoughts, ideas, feelings and experiences of the individuals who make up its collective are shared and expressed in such a way that those who discover their art will be changed.

Part of the vision includes a community fostering type aspect- I am going to have the chance to teach classes and workshops, participate in a Wilderness Art Experience (which I am not sure what that consists of yet), show in the gallery, and also interact with more artists. I have been dreaming of a place like this for ages, and viola!

The Grand Opening is Friday, May 23
with dj, costumes (I think I will dress as Frida Kahlo if I can find a peasant skirt and a wig) and I will be showing.

Or I could paint my face like a Matiesse:

I am continuously amazed with how life is unfolding here for this little ole artist. Life is good.


Rachel said...

What are the chances I can get Lucy to dress as Frida for halloween....?

And I want to go on a Wilderness Art Experience!!!!Sounds like a pretty neat group!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmm What does Frida look like ? Will I recognze kat?
Any way good luck


Anonymous said...

Another WOW to you! You forgot to mention it today. Maybe I have a peasant skirt hiding in my closet.

Love ya

Anonymous said...

This is exciting Kaycee! I wouldn't mind getting involved with this place in some fashion...we'll have to chat about it:) Get lots of pics of you as Frida ! I'd go as Tina Modotti..simple clothes and a camera..